You Never knew you wanted it

About Us


NeWants is an e-commerce technology startup sponsored by online fashion retailer, Bluefly. Our vision for NeWants was to create a unique gamified e-commerce platform that offers buzz-worthy tech, home, and lifestyle products up to a 95% discount through a socially-driven gamified flash page.

The flash sales game allows shoppers to have an exhilarating experience that leaves them hooked. The thrill of the game is created while trying your luck at winning the highest discounts on products only available for 24 hours. Our company takes pride in our ability to produce high quality, buzz-worthy products at a remarkably low cost.

The reason why NeWants is so distinct is because we have a shared economy in e-commerce bridges the gap between manufacturers and consumers with little to zero need for paying advertising fees. In the modern-day age of influencer advertising, we anticipate to pioneer the new route of e-commerce shopping. 

We offer a game-changing affiliate program which promises high-impact conversion rates due to the interactive flash sales page and ability to virally spread the partner’s unique links and encourage others to enjoy the once-a-day gamified experience. Affiliates in the NeWants platform benefit from being much closer to the conversion point sale as compared to other programs, and have the possibility of explosive earnings due to the sharing of the NeWants discounts. We created this program because we are dedicated to seeing people earn a passive income in a way that is simple yet entertaining.

The NeWants team is built of e-commerce and tech industry veterans with global experience in manufacturing and marketing that have created this platform to benefit shoppers experience and income.