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Play Flash Sales = Ticket for iPhone Giveaway

Join a NeWants Facebook group with your friends and play the Flash Sales game; where new 20 NEW best-selling products are added everyday! The group that has the most plays is eligible for the iPhone giveaway. The iPhone is then given to a member of the selected group via a lucky draw.

No purchase necessary to qualify.  No email or other personal info required. 




Play the Flash Sales every day. The group with the most Flash Sales played by ALL group members during the week wins.

Then, invite more friends to join your group. The more people in the group, the more times you guys will play collectively, so better chances of fighting for the top spot.




  1. Find your university's NeWants Group on Facebook. Just search NeWants + "your university name" e.g. "NeWants UCLA"

  2. Join the group

  3. Start playing the Flash Sales game

  4. Invite your friends to join the group

  5. Stay tuned for the results

ONLY official NeWants Groups on Facebook (those registered with are allowed in the competition.



In order to claim the prize, the winner must agree to give NeWants video and photos of holding the iPhone, assuring the other competitors that we delivered a brand new iPhone XS. 



  • More Flash Sales played by all group members during the duration of the competition

  • More reviews on NeWants made by group members. This is the total number of reviews up to the moment the competition ends

  • Shorter timestamp on reaching their total number of Flash Sales played. For example: two groups both played the Flash Sales 100 times during the week. Group A played its 100th Flash Sales on Sunday at 2:00 PM; while Group B played their last Flash Sale on Sunday at 1:00 PM. The prize goes to Group B because they reached that number first.

  • Shorter timestamp on reaching their total of reviews written. For example: two groups both played the Flash Sales 100 times during the week. Both teams have written each 345 reviews. Both teams played their 100th Flash Sales exactly at the same time, Sunday at 1:13:35 PM. Group A wrote its last review on Saturday at 9:00 AM; while Group B, on Saturday at 10:00 AM. The prize goes to Group A because they reached that number first.

  • If after these four steps there are groups still tied, we will post a riddle on the group’s Facebook group page with a riddle. The team that posts the correct answers first, wins the prize.



NeWants Flash Sale is fun and the Campus Contest, with its weekly iPhone giveaways, is unbelievable, but that's not all of it. The NeWants groups are also home of NeWants Group Buy auctions. Every day, NeWants offers 3 Group Buys to members of the groups. The more members show interest in buying a product, the higher the discount they get: 

  • 2 friends >> 50% OFF
  • 3 friends >> 60% OFF
  • 5 friends >> 70& OFF

The Group Buy lasts 24 hours. After that time, we send users their respective discount codes, and they have 24 hours to complete the order at that discount level.



The conditions of the contest may change from week to week. We appreciate your feedback to make the competition more fun and to make sure it is always fair. The promotion falls under the conditions stated in the our general Terms of Conditions and Privacy Policy.

For information about the rules and conditions of the Flash Sale game, click here

For any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at