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Elite Member Instructions

In order to activate your network and start getting commissions, Elite Members should complete these three tasks:

  • Create a NeWants group
  • Manage the Campus Contest
  • Manage the Group Buy Auctions

NOTE: the instructions below are for computer, because Facebook does not offer the same functionality on mobile. However, some steps can also be done on mobile and later on you will be able to manage most things from your mobile phone.



A NeWants Group is the place where you communicate with your network and is a tool to encourage them to participate more. For now we are going to explain how to setup a group in Facebook, but you can also use your Instagram, other social media platforms, a landing page or any other digital asset that you can give us a link to and that we can join to verify.

NeWants Facebook Group

  1. Open your Facebook app
  2. Tap the menu icon on the top-right
  3. Select “Groups” on the menu
  4. Tap the “+” sign on the top-right to create a group
  5. Name your group. ALWAYS start with “NeWants”; then add the initials of your university or the name (but keep it short); and finally one word of your choice. For example: “NeWants NYU Downtowners”, “NeWants Duke Devils”...
  6. Add ONLY one friend for now (you will add more later)
  7. Tap “Next” on the top-right
  8. Select “Public” so everyone can find your group
  9. Tap “Create” on the top-right

Your group has been created, now it's time to jazz it up.

  1. Right-click the picture above and click "SAVE AS"
  2. Using a photo editing software (e.g. Photoshop), write the name of your group in the white circle. You can use any font and color, but DO NOT place any material outside the circle.
  3. In your NeWants Facebook group page, add the cover photo
  4. On the right panel, click on <ABOUT> and on the DESCRIPTION box, copy paste this text: "This group is for ***** students, alumni and fans who want to participate in NeWants Campus Contest to win an iPhone XS, every week! NO PURCHASES REQUIRED. Just play the Flash Sales game. Here, we'll also be sharing Group Buy Auctions for best-selling products. Thanks for joining or sorry to bother; but an iPhone XS a week is at stake! ;-)".
  5. Make sure to change the ***** for the initials or name of your university.
  6. Go to NeWants HQ Group
  7. Like it
  8. Follow it
  9. On the right panel, click on the tab <POSTS) (on mobile it's <DISCUSSIONS>)
  10. Find the post pinned at the top of the group feed that starts with, "Wake up!"
  11. On the bottom-left of the post, click <SHARE>, then <SHARE IN A GROUP>
  12. In the text box, type the name of your NeWants group, then select it from the automatic options

Link Your Group

  1. Go to your Elite Member Dashboard:
  2. In the top-right of the dashboard, click the profile icon 
  3. Click <PROFILE>
  4. In the <FACEBOOK GROUP LINK> input the URL of your group
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click the <SAVE CHANGES> button

You're done!  


Elite Members Dashboard





There is a secret about the Campus Contest you are going to love. While officially we give one iPhone XS to the group with the most Flash Sale played during the week, in reality we give two iPhones. One is for the lucky draw within the group, and the other one is for you, the Elite Member! Keep this quiet, please, as it's better if the members in your group don't know you have a different status in the promotion.

Since you would get your own iPhone, Elite Members can't participate in the lucky draw.


How to Start Participating in the Contest

Once your group is setup, start inviting friends. Some of your friends will eventually join the group. When they do, all you have to do is keep posting to remind them that the more they play the Flash Sale, and the more they invite friends, the more chances you will have to win an iPhone XS. If your group wins,


Weekly Contest Starts

Every week, when the new weekly contest starts, you will get a notification. (In case your notifications are off, you should always check the NW Campus Contest page on Facebook the following day after the previous contest ended).

  1. Go to the NW Campus HQ page
  2. Find the post with the current week's contest
  3. On the bottom-left of the post, click <SHARE>, then <SHARE IN A GROUP>
  4. In the text box, type the name of your NeWants group, then select it from the automatic options


Weekly Contest Ends

When the contest ends, we will process the information from all the groups and publish the results on the NeWants Campus Contest page on Facebook. We will also post on the winning team's group a notice with instructions to participate in the lucky draw within the group.




Group Buy Auctions are offers made to a group of friends. The more members show interest in buying the product, the bigger the discount. Every day, 3 new product auctions are launched. The auctions last 24 hours.

NOTE: before you participate in Group Buy Auctions, you need to create a NeWants group on Facebook  


HQ publishes 3 new auctions on Elite Members Dashboard and NW Campus Contest page


  1. Go to NW Campus Contest page and share the posts for the three auctions on your NeWants Facebook group
  2. Open the Elite Members Dashboard so you can quickly copy-paste your referral links in the next step
  3. Go back to your NeWants group on Facebook  and create an EVENT for the auction



When the time for the auction expires, HQ sends you a notification message via Facebook


  1. Open your NeWants group on Facebook and check how many people confirmed they wanted to participate in each auction’s EVENT
  2. Open the Elite Members Dashboard so you can quickly copy-paste the discount codes in the next step. Remember: if 3 or 4 people confirm, copy the 50% discount code; if 5 to 9 people confirm, the 60% code; if 10 or more, the 70% code.
  3. Go back to your EVENT and paste the correct code on a group post for each auction


  • Every day, 3 auctions start and 3 end. Make sure you always check that you are posting the right codes for the right products.
  • Auctions last 24 hours. Then, users have 24 hours to buy the item. After that, the discount code expires.
  • Group members who don’t participate in the event will be able to see the discount code on the group, but that’s not a problem. If they buy, you will get commissions. NEVER tell them that they don’t have to participate in the auction as that will decrease their engagement, but if someone wants to cheat it’s ok because they are buying.