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Flash Sale Game

The NeWants Flash Sale game is a new way of shopping. NeWants selects a random variety of products to be featured at a lower discount. 

Every day, NeWants offers a dynamic amount of items to be featured. Select 3 of your top products, spin our discount wheel for your first rate, then share the page 2x to win two more spins. The highest discount earned will be applied to your order at checkout. 

To play the Flash Sale game, you don't need to provide any personal or payment information.

Playing the game and completing the order has to be completed within 20 minutes. 


  • The Flash Sales Game can only be played once a day.
  • We pride ourselves in removing warehousing costs to our products, so we offer limited quantities of each item available. Once you select a product that has only a limited amount items left, you may get a high discount. Should other customer beat you to the checkout page, the product is gone.