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Newants Elite Member FAQ

Do I have to buy stock?
No. Here at NeWants, we take pride in the fact that you do not have buy stock that you have to figure out how to sell.
Any sales quotas I should know about?
No. There aren’t any sales quotas you have to meet through NeWants. We encourage you to get the most out of this program to make a substantial income through the platform. Visiting the Flash Sales Page and posting about the discount you receive will consistently convert more friends.
When do people become my referrals?
As an Elite Member, you’re given a unique referral code. When you post, people will see a picture with a link to our Flash Sales page. When they click the link to check it out, we will know they are your referrals and once they make their first purchase, we will connect them to you in our system. You will be able to see your referrals in your dashboard. For as long as you keep your Elite Member account, you will get commissions on ALL FUTURE purchases!
When do I get commission?
45 days after the sale has been completed. We need to wait 30 days to make sure the customer is satisfied with the order. Then we start processing the commissions.